NCSA is made up of students who care about the college and the well-being of the community and student body.


President:  Kinsey Neal |

Office Hours: F 11-12 am | The President works to connect the student body with the administration, meeting every week with the Northland College President and various other faculty to maintain a bond throughout the campus community.

Vice President: Ellie Zimmer |

Office Hours: TBD | The Vice President assists the President and also plans the Everybody Party--hosted every September. She also plans various forums and hosts speakers of interest to the student body.

Secretary: Jane Dahlgren |

Office Hours: M 11-2 pm | The Secretary is the voice of the campus, assisting as executive staff as needed and keeping NCSA running smoothly. This includes keeping record of NCSA meetings.

Treasurer: Cori Amell |

Office Hours: MTW 10-11 | The Treasurer is in charge of financial needs of NCSA. She records transactions of NCSA and maintains various accounts to ensure NCSA remains in line with the budget.  The treasurer also is in charge of club budgets.

Executive Council: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer

Office Hours: TBD

Director of Sustainability: Jeni Swartley |

Office Hours: M 8-10 am, R 1-2 pm | The Director of Sustainability organizes the Northland College Environmental Council, runs the REF grant program, is involved in numerous other sustainability aspects on campus.

Marketing Coordinator: Erica Anderson |

Office Hours: T 9-1 pm | The PR Coordinator is responsible for raising awareness of NCSA activities on and off campus.  This includes running the website, designing posters, and working with other media.

Coffee House Coordinator: Sara Beadle |

 Office Hours: MW 1-3 pm,  | The Coffee House Coordinator is in charge of planning on campus concerts (called coffee houses) that bring students closer together. He is always looking for student recommendations as to various bands and artists.

Special Events Coordinator: Heather Jenson |

Office Hours: MWF 2-3 pm, R 12-1 pm | The Special Events coordinator is in charge of planning the Northland College SnoFest and Folk Fest as well as other events on campus such as open mic nights.  These are meant to bring students and the outlying community closer together.

Student Vending Initiative Coordinator: Logan Lowery |

Office Hours: T 11-2 pm, R 12-1 pm | The SVI Coordinator is responsible for keeping the on campus local soda vending machines running in tip-top shape.  Sodas are featured at various on campus events such as the Everybody Party and flavors are from local companies.

Outreach Coordinator: Alyssa Christianson |

Office Hours: R 9-11 am, F 12-2 pm | The Outreach Coordinator is responsible for increasing diversity and inclusion within NCSA and on campus as a whole. He works with all of Northland's diversity based clubs such as NASA, the Alliance and Multicultural Club.



JD DeBruin | Sean Connors | Emma Vandergeest | Mary Sellars | Michelle Morency


Erica Anderson | Alexis Headley | Jennifer Franke | Alastair Merton


Marley Pietz | Paige Crenshaw


Austin Balfany | Harley Kinney


Vince Karr | Clair Emmons | Hannah Figgins


Michael McCullough | Jakob Suzler


Kinsey Neal


Ellie Zimmer




Thryn Hare


Alec Drachenberg | Jay Routheau

student trustees

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Marina Hein | Claire Rupnow


Stuart Schmidt

Athletic Advisory board

Emily Romuald

Planning council

Sadie Schmitt